Serving Our Community

Youth Actors Academy of Lincoln (YAAL) is dedicated to creating education & outreach programs to serve underprivileged youth, schools and public organizations. This initiative focuses predominantly on making theatre accessible to a diverse audience. YAAL recognizes that only a small number of regional theatres cater to the low-income demographic. Inspired by this lack of exposure, YAAL is dedicated to producing diverse works of theatre that will speak to all underrepresented and underprivileged youth.

Examples of this initiative include:

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  • YAAL's Community Children's YAALSing Chorus which is a free performance group dedicated to using its voice and music to contribute to those in the community who will benefit from assistance whether it be in the form of funding or music. Through community service, this group strives to instill in our members a sense of selflessness, community awareness, and service.
  • YAAL distributed over $4300 in need-based scholarships in 2017.
  • YAAL distributed over $1000 in performance tickets to economically disadvantaged individuals and groups in 2017.
  • YAAL provides an easy-to-use, online scholarship application for our classes and workshops. For those without access to a computer, we also make our applications available in print to be dropped off or mailed to our location.


YAAL's goal for 2018 is to spend 15% of revenue toward community outreach.

If you or someone you know would like more information on our scholarships, visit our scholarships page or please contact us at