We are delighted that you and your actor(s) are interested in joining our family. The information detailed below provides you a snapshot of YAAL culture and theater policies. Our goal is to create a positive experience in a safe, inclusive environment for every actor. If you are new to YAAL, we encourage an introductory conversation by phone, email, or in person to discuss you and your actor’s questions, needs, and goals.


Enrollment indicates you understand full payment is expected at the time of registration if paying by PayPal or prior to first rehearsal if paying by check.  Payment by check must be communicated to us at the time that registration is submitted.  However, if you are experiencing extenuating circumstances which may prevent you from meeting payment expectations, please contact us to discuss potential alternatives.


REFUNDS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.  Any registration must be cancelled at least two weeks in advance to receive a full refund. Other requests are handled on a case by case basis and is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


Actors may check in with staff in the lobby no sooner than 15 minutes prior to class start time. Parents/guardians should accompany students for the first 15 minutes of each new session to receive important information from the Board Member(s) and Director(s).


Plan to pick up your actor(s) immediately after Director’s dismissal. Our first priority is your actor’s safety; therefore, actors are not permitted to wait outside. Earlier pick up times must be approved in advance. If you are running late, please call YAAL at (402) 417-4137 and/or call the Director.


Actors must commit to all rehearsals out of respect for themselves, others, and the success of the show. Only cast and crew are allowed in the rehearsal space during rehearsals.

  • Excused absences must be approved by the Director prior to casting.
  • Tech Week attendance is mandatory.
  • Unexcused absences may result in role reassignment and in some cases role removal. Every effort is made to accommodate unpredicted circumstances on a case by case basis.
  • Tardiness and disrespectful behavior negatively affects the rehearsal process. Recurrences of either result in the same consequences as unexcused absences.


  • Parents/guardians must familiarize themselves with the shows to include reading all material sent home on the first day. We make every effort to select shows that are age-appropriate. However, even seemingly harmless scripts contain adult content that some may find questionable. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to communicate concerns with the Director prior to casting as it is rare that the staging or content is changed.
  • Auditions and casting typically occur on the first day of rehearsal.
  • The Director considers many factors when casting to include the actor’s behavior and commitment.
  • Once the show is cast, all actors and parents/guardians are expected to accept their roles gracefully and support the Director. This includes dancing with same or opposite sex partners, stage combat, stage kissing, and language in the script. At YAAL we stress that this is theater and not reality.  It is our job to tell a convincing story in order to touch the hearts of our audience.


  • Treat yourself, others, and property with respect. YAAL has zero tolerance for bullying to include disparaging comments on social media, aggressive communication, gossip, exclusion, and destruction of property. Actors are responsible for damages.
  • Any child who is repeatedly caught spreading rumors will not be allowed to participate at our theater.
  • Turn in personal electronics at the start of each day.
  • No running in the theater.
  • No talking backstage during dress rehearsals or shows.
  • Actors in costume may not leave the backstage area once audience members arrive.
  • Actors will participate in “strike” following shows to clean and organize all props and costumes.


EVERYONE is expected to demonstrate respectful and appropriate behavior at
all times when on the premises or when representing YAAL off premises at
community events/performances. If a student’s attitude or behavior becomes
disruptive and is interfering with the rights, safety, learning, or enjoyment of
others, the following discipline policy will be used:

  • Step #1 - Verbal Redirection
    A verbal warning and redirection of the offensive behavior – this may be
    directed towards individuals or the group as a whole.
  • Step #2 - Safe Seat
    Upon receipt of the second warning, the child will be sent to the safe seat,
    located in the same room, in order to reflect on their choices. Before returning to
    the group, the child will process with the adult that sent them to the safe seat
    and discuss how better choices can be made. The child will be allowed to return
    to the group when they can affirm that they are willing and able to correct the
    offensive behavior.
  • Step #3 – Parent Contact
    When a child continues to repeat offensive behavior, parent contact is made,
    either in person following class or via phone at the time of the third warning.
    This necessitates a discussion between the child, parent, and camp director on
    the disruptive or unsafe behavior and how the child’s behavior can be corrected.
  • Step #4 - Meet with Staff
    Repeat occurrence of steps 1 -3, as deemed by the Camp Director/Instructor and
    Executive Director, will result in a meeting with Youth Actors Academy of
    Lincoln Staff and Board to discuss potential removal from that specific camp, as
    well as future YAAL offerings.

EVERYONE should enjoy an environment free from all forms of discrimination,
bullying or harassment. That type of behavior will not be tolerated at YAAL.
Physical aggression and verbal abuse in any form will not be tolerated and are
grounds for immediate dismissal without refund from the camp or course.
If a student/parent/guest/volunteer's behavior at any YAAL event is deemed
inappropriate and/or is jeopardizing the rights, safety, learning, or enjoyment of
others in the program, they may asked to leave and restricted from future
involvement in the program.
Concerns should be brought immediately to the Executive Director or Board President at info@yaal.org


  • Bring a peanut-free lunch, snack, and a water bottle each day.
  • Only clear liquids are allowed.
  • Only water allowed in dressing rooms.
  • No gum.


  • We recommend a t-shirt and comfortable pants. Actors should always have clothes and shoes that are easy to move and dance around in.
  • No open toed shoes, snow boots, or UGGS/UGG-like boots as they limit movement.
  • Shorts and skirts must be longer than the fingertips when hands are at the side.
  • No crop tops or shirts showing cleavage.


  • “Blacks” is a theater term for under clothing worn by the cast during shows. Actors need a set of blacks for all shows. Depending on costume, this clothing may need to be all black or all white. This includes a long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, or tank top; shorts or leggings, and matching shoes. Anything different from this will be communicated prior to the show.
  • Costumes are provided for each show.
  • On occasion, we may ask to borrow props/items from home. Actors should consult parents/guardians before bringing any items to YAAL.
  • No eating or drinking while in costume with the exception of water.
  • Hang up costumes when not in use.
  • Check in/check out costumes and props.
  • Do not touch other actors’ costumes or props.


  • Information is sent via email on how to purchase tickets for each show.
  • Please notify YAAL in advance of patrons with special needs so that we may make appropriate accommodations.


  • Show attendance is not permissible without a ticket.
  • Only cast and crew are allowed in the backstage area.
  • Saving seats is strongly discouraged. Participation in our preferred seating fundraiser is highly encouraged!
  • Do not get up or leave the theater during the show. If you must leave, please do so during a scene change or intermission; late arrivals must wait at the entrance until intermission.
  • No flash photography or videotaping is allowed during the show.
  • Turn off cell phones.
  • Be courteous of others. YAAL has zero tolerance for bullying to include disparaging comments on social media, aggressive communication, gossip, exclusion, and destruction of property.
  • On occasion, we allow tomato tossing as a means of conflict resolution. Tomato supply is at the tosser’s expense.


SHOWS: We do not cancel shows except in an extreme weather emergency. In the event of a cancellation, the actor(s) point of contact receives notice from info@yaal.org, notification is posted to YAAL’s Facebook page, and Eventbrite ticket purchasers receive email notification from Eventbrite. We do not issue ticket refunds; we will try to accommodate attendance at a different show time on a first come first serve basis in accordance with maximum occupancy.

CLASSES OR SHOW REHEARSALS: In the event of a school closing announced by Lincoln Public Schools for snow or ice, we will also cancel classes on the same day. If the LPS closing is simply due to extreme temperatures, a decision will be made as to the cancellation of our classes by 10am on that day and announced through Facebook/emails to participants.


Good communication is vital in all relationships. You are now part of the YAAL family and we want our family to be inclusive and safe for everyone. Your questions and concerns are always welcome.